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National Finals 2022 at Harrogate Convention Centre

Lego Robot League National Finals Harrogate Convention Centre Saturday 26th February

We came 15th out of 64 schools most of which were secondary schools!


Quotes from the team;


“It was very enjoyable and very inspiring at the same time, the best bit was the teamwork and the activities.” Oscar.

“There was a variety of engineering challenges and it was a life-changing, awe-inspiring experience.”

“An amazing experience. One of the best things I’ve ever done. I highly recommend it.”

“ It was funny but tense, there were around 64 teams and more than 1000 people. We talked to a famous CBBC presenter and got to go on live. It was amazing as there were little challenges to do while waiting.” Olivia J.

“A tense action packed day with loads of extra competitions to keep us entertained throughout the day.”

“ I enjoyed it, there were so many people and although we lost, I can’t believe how well we did. In the end, I’m glad I could meet a mascot, adapt my coding and could create cakes for everyone, including me to enjoy, I learnt a lot.” Marley.