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Welcome to Year 4! 




Mrs. Burrows and Mrs Draycott - Class Teachers  

Our class saint is:


Saint Genesius


Saint Genesius is considered to be the patron saint of actors, lawyers, barristers, clowns, comedians, converts, dancers, people with epilepsy, musicians and victims of torture.


His feast day is August 25th.


Genesius was once an actor who had performed in plays, which mocked Christiainty.

According to legend, while performing in a play that mocked baptism, he fell ill on stage.  Claiming he could see angels, he asked to be baptised there and then, which converted him.

He proclaimed his new belief, and he steadfastly refused to renounce it, even when the emperor Diocletian ordered him to do so.

He was sentenced to death for his beliefs.

Year 4 Spring Term






RE units for the Spring term will include Christmas; Jesus Light of the World (continued); Old Testament: Moses – King David; Lent – Living as the Followers of Jesus Today and Holy Week

We will also be taking part in liturgies and attending Mass in church when scheduled.


MATHS The spring term will continue our work on Multiplication and Division recognising different written methods to solve calculations. We will then look at fractions, decimals and calculating the perimeter.

Please keep encouraging your child to practise times tables at home – if the children know their times tables securely it helps them with their wider maths learning.  Year 4 need to revise and secure all of their multiplication facts. The aim is for instant recall!  (Realistically, ‘instant’ means 6 seconds or less!!!)


ENGLISH We will start the Spring term by writing a persuasive text all about our FANTASTIC school. We will publish and then distribute them around Uttoxeter to advertise our school.  We will then move onto writing a narrative with a focus on the characters within the story and we will be looking at using inverted commas to characterise speech.

As part of our non-fiction writing, we will be learning to write Explanation texts and diaries to recount.



Our GEOGRAPHY for this term will be all about North America. The children will develop their knowledge of biomes and natural resources.


PE – We will continue swimming every Friday. We will also have a PE lesson on Monday’s with Mrs Rowlands where the children will be doing Netball.


Music -  In music during the first part of the spring term we will be working on improving pulse and groove through improvisation.  We will be making our own improvised music and composing our own lyrics to the song Old Joe Clark.  After half term we will continue to make our own music by creating simple melodies together, and perform the music we have created to an audience at the end of the term.  Throughout these lessons, we will also be considering how music improves our world and what it teaches us about our community.  

HISTORY  -  This term we are going to travel back in time to the Ancient Egyptian period. We will develop our questioning skills as we find out what life was like as an Egyptian; look at the mummification process and how the Egyptians built their pyramids. We will also study the river Nile and have fun writing our names with hieroglyphs.

ART  -  This term we are being inspired by the amazing artist, Stephen Wiltshire. We will experiment with some of his techniques, look at some of the influences on his work, drawing cityscapes in black and white with pops of colour.  We will display our own fabulous cityscapes at school for all to see.


Parent Guide to Year 4 DfE Times Table Test




Helpful homework hints:



  • Maths

Times tables need to be practised consistently throughout the year. Below are some websites to support you with this.

This website has a nice friendly breakdown of what the new times tables check means. You can also sign up for a free resource pack which includes some great paper based activities. 

Here's a link to the government website and their full framework on the checks in June. 


Below are some resources to support you at home.