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Year 4




Welcome to Year 4! 

Class Teachers:

Mrs. Brookfield teaches on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Mrs Draycott teaches on a Monday and a Friday.

Mrs English is our teaching assistant.

Our class saint is:


Saint Vincent de Paul.


Saint Vincent de Paul is considered to be the patron saint of charities and volunteers. He is known as 'the Apostle of Charity' and the 'father of the poor'.


His feast day is September 27th.



Standon Bowers School Trip. 

More information to follow.

A powerpoint will be shared during the Parents Information evening. 

Autumn Term:


The first unit is: Creation and the story of Abraham to Joseph. The children will hear and learn about some
important stories from the Book of Genesis. They will explore some important images of God found in these
stories and consider what it mean for human beings to be made in the image and likeness of God.


The second unit is Jesus teaches us how to pray. During this unit, the children will learn about the prayer life of
Jesus as he grew up in the Jewish faith. The children will be introduced to some prayers from the Old Testament and
they will consider the importance Jesus attached to prayer. The children will study the Our Father, the prayer of the
Rosary and some other forms of prayer as part of this unit.


We are then going to focus on Judaism where the children will be given the opportunity to learn about other faiths. 


Our fourth unit is Advent. Children will learn about the ancestors of Jesus and that he was descended from the
House of David. Through this work the children will be able to place the story of the first coming of Jesus into an
historical context.



We will begin the term looking at the Place Value of Four Digit Numbers, to ensure that the children have a good understanding of the value of each digit within a number. We will then move on to a unit looking at Addition and Subtraction and a variety of methods that can be used to solve calculations. Addition and Subtraction will continue to the week after half term before we moving on Measure - Perimeter before completing the Autumn term looking at Multiplication and Division


At the end of the year, the children will be completing the Y4 statutory multiplication tables check. We will therefore be focusing on times tables throughout the year.


It would be useful if the children continue to practise their timestables at home regularly as they need to become confident and fluent in their recall. 


Link below for timestable checker - this is accurate for the timings provided during the statutory check so the children can get used to the questions. 


Tables checker

Information for Parents



We will start the term with a poetry unit where will be exploring a variety of poems and using this poetry to  study similes, metaphors and powerful adjectives and expanded noun phrases. 


We are then going to move onto writing a setting description using what we have learnt so far and taking inspiration from the shorty story: The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry. We will then create a non-chronological report based on this text and the rainforest before moving on to a unit of persuasive writing based on the short story: Greta and the Giants by Zoe Tucker. We will finish our english with a unit on Instructional writing, using what they have learnt and created in DT. 


Our class book for Guided Reading is The BFG by Roald Dahl. If your child has a copy at home, they are free to bring it into school to study. 






This term we will be discovering mountains and volcanoes.  We will be finding out what a mountain is and how mountains are formed.  We will be researching locations of different mountain ranges and the Seven Summits.  We will be finding out about the advantages and disadvantages of living close to a volcano.







In music we will be learning how musical sections that repeat or change help to create the structure or form of a piece of music.  We will also be discovering how special effects in music can make the words we sing more meaningful and how music can elicit a range of feelings and moods and how music can bring us closer together.  We will also be considering how music can connect us to our past.


HISTORY  -  In History we are going back in time to find out about the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings.  We will be using chronology, to look at the events which happened in this time period and the significance of various discoveries, such as the Staffordshire Hoard and the mystery of the empty grave.  We will them go on to investigate the image of the Vikings and the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England at the time of Edward the Confessor.

ART  -  This term we are studying Claude Monet.  We will be finding out about the impressionist movement and how he painted 'en plein air'.  We will use his techniques using watercolours to create our own landscapes inspired by his work. 



Our Topic for this half term is Animals Including Humans.  We will be exploring the digestive system of humans, learning about how food travels through the body and what happens to it. We will move onto teeth and then food chains in the animal kingdom.  




Helpful homework hints:



  • Maths

Times tables need to be practised consistently throughout the year. Below are some websites to support you with this.

This website has a nice friendly breakdown of what the new times tables check means. You can also sign up for a free resource pack which includes some great paper based activities. 

Here's a link to the government website and their full framework on the checks in June. 


Below are some resources to support you at home.