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Summer Term

Summer Term Curriculum





This term we will begin with our unit about Easter, the signs and symbols associated with it and the story of the Resurrection.  We will also cover units about Pentecost, our Church and what it means to belong to God's family.  Finally, we develop children's understanding of the structure of the Mass and what is taking place




We have started the term looking at the quest story of the Fantastic Beast and will work towards writing our own quest story about a beast.  Later on in the term we will also be looking at letters, information text and humorous poetry.  A spelling focus will be on rules when adding suffixes to a word.




We have just completed our Fractions unit.  We are now learning about time.   Over the rest of the term we will also cover problem solving using the four operations that we have been taught this year, position and direction and measuring mass in grams, volume in ml and measuring temperature using a thermometer.





In Science, we are learning about plants and the conditions they need to grow and then we will be finding out all about animals and their habitats.




We are trying to answer the big question ‘Why do we still remember the Fire of London today?’  We are going to be History detectives and use lots of sources to answer questions about how it started and why it spread so far.  We are going to go on a trip to Ford Green Hall to find out more about it.




In Geography we are learning about what it is like to be a child in Muguarmeno, Zambia.  We will learn about the physical and human features of the area and compare how they use the river to how we use rivers.  We will also compare the Zambezi National park to national parks in the UK.



Using the work of Andy Goldsworthy as inspiration we will use natural materials to make patterns.  We are also going to learn how to weave and create woven art work using flowers, twigs, leaves and grass.



After studying vehicles and how they move we will design and make a fire engine that could have helped fight the Great Fire of London.



In Computing we are learning how to make music with digital tools.  We will then compare creating music digitally and non-digitally.  We will then learn how to use Scratch Jr to create quizzes using code.