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Year 3



Welcome to Year 3!smiley

Mrs Davis (Class Teacher) and Mrs Jones (Teaching Assistant) are very excited to be working together and we are even more excited to be welcoming you into our classroom.  Our aim is to make your learning journey fun and memorable.

Please visit our class page regularly and take a peek at what we have been up to.  We intend to share samples of work, photographs of our activities and add any important dates too.



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We start the year with a unit of work called, 'Belonging - We Gather As God's Family'.  In this unit we will be looking at Baptism, a Sacrament of belonging and children will learn to sequence the Rite of Baptism.They will also be able to discuss elements of the celebration of Mass, about gathering as the Family of God.


Our second unit is called 'Reconciliation'.  Children will learn that we have the freedom to make choices and know the difference between good and bad choices as well as the consequences they bring.  They will learn that the Sacrament of Reconciliation is the Church's celebration of God's forgiveness of sin.


Our final unit this Autumn Term is, 'Advent'.  Children will learn the stories of the Annunciation and Visitation.  They will understand that both Mary and Elisabeth recognised and welcomed the presence of Christ.



Guided Reading

We are using a 'Whole Class Guided Read' approach, whereby the teacher reads to the class, teaches a skill and then pupils have the opportunity to practise those skills.


This term we will be reading: 'Tilly and the Time Machine,' written by Adrian Edmondson.  After this text, we will be sharing a picture story book with a  comic strip format called, 'Ug - Boy Genius of the Stone Age,' written by Raymond Briggs.


Our English lessons will be inspired by our whole class guided reading texts (above).  We will be writing: character and scene descriptions with clues, persuasive writing, story writing, diary entries and letters.  Our final piece of writing for this term will be a non-fiction fact file. 

Spellings! Let's make them fun. How do you practise yours?


During the Autumn Term, Year 3 focus on Place Value for numbers up to 1,000.  This will include reading, writing ordering and comparing values.  Adding 1, 10 and 100 more than any given number as well as taking away 1, 10 and 100 from any given number.

They will also learn to add and subtract 2-digit and 3-digit numbers from a 3-digit number which may include exchanges.

After this, pupils will learn how to multiply and divide by 3, 4 and 8.

Vehicle:  What is this? 

It is a very exciting and new way of teaching pupils which includes a ‘real-life’ experience and/or product following a period of learning known as a project.  This adds context to their learning.

Each vehicle focuses on key values, which will be assessed as part of the process:

  1. metacognition and self-regulated learning
  2. teamwork
  3. values (including Gospel values and British Values)
  4. managing themselves
  5. managing relationships
  6. contributions to each Vehicle


Our Vehicle for the Autumn Term is:  Time Travel – Back to the Stone Age and each Year 3 family will be invited to our class exhibition at the end of the term.  This will be planned, organised and run by the children themselves. 


Stone Age Art...LOOK at some of our fantastic work!

Year 3 Exhibition. Thank you for your continued support and sharing your child's learning.

Class Trip:

We are pleased to announce that we are going to Sarehole Mill, in Birmingham for our trip.  It will be quite a long day as we will have to depart early and we will more than likely be back between 4 and 4.30 pm.  A text will go out to parents to give you a more informed time of return when we are 30 minutes away.


October Half Term Project Homework. Please see the attachment.

Y3 Weekly Timetable

Y3 Parents' Information Evening