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What are pupils say.......


Freddie "We have been learning about Henri Matisse. He enjoyed 'painting with
scissors' and we have been doing the same. We have looked at lines and curves too."


Matilda " I love Art lessons, I am very proud of my work. We have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh and we made our own self-portraits."


Lottie "I am an artist! At the moment we are learning about Andy Warhol, I enjoy learning about his style."


Eleanor " I love my sketchbook, I'm so proud of all of my work. I wish that we could do Art every day!"


Mollie " I like Art because I can be creative, learn new skills and try new things."


Nicholas " I love Art because my lessons are creative. We all learn from each other and we all support each other. I always know how to improve my work, so that it can be the best piece of work. Art is my favourite lesson."