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Spring Term

Spring Term Vehicle:

Amazing Animals!

Choosing a Class Pet.


 The children will start by learning about what animals do in winter.  They will learn about animals that hibernate, and which animals and birds are nocturnal.  The children will investigate the different habitats birds and animals have, and how they have adapted to their environment.  The children will look at Arctic animals and find out how these animals manage to live in such a cold climate.  

The children will share the story about the Little Red Hen.  They will have a visit from a real live hen and make bread to share with each other.  The children will learn about how different animals are trained to help humans.   The children will write a letter to the Guide Dogs Association, asking if it is possible for one of their Guide dogs would visit our class.  They will also learn about how rescue dogs are trained to find people who are lost in the countryside.

The children will then look into the different sorts of pets people have now and in the past. The children will have a visit from Rosie the dog, who is Mrs. Duff's pet labrador.  The children will learn about the job of a vet.  Hopefully, we will have a visit from someone who works in a veterinary clinic. 

During the final week of term the children will vote on the type of vet they would like in the classroom.  They will then visit Pets at Home to choose and purchase the Early Years Unit Class Pet.   



Spring Term Curriculum




In this unit the children will listen to the Christmas story focusing on where the baby Jesus was born and that the shepherds were the first visitors.


The children will learn about the church being an important gathering place for God's family and will look at some of the symbols associated with Baptism.


In this unit of work the children are introduced to some of the Church’s customs for the Season of Lent. Children will hear about Lent being a special time of prayer and a season when Christians try to follow Christ by what they do. They will also learn about Lent being a time of saying sorry and asking God’s forgiveness for things that they have done wrong.

Holy Week

In this unit of work the children will learn about the last few days in the life of Jesus. They will be introduced to the story of Palm Sunday, The Last Supper and Good Friday.



This term the children will be looking at numbers to 10.  They will compare the numbers within 10, the addition of numbers up to 10, and also look at the composition of the numbers to 10.  Later in the term they will look at the number bonds to 10.  The children will learn what subtraction means and will be able to use different representations to work out different subtraction problems.

They will also investigate the measurement of length, height and weight.  The children will also look at creating and comparing patterns using different media.  




The children will be using the phonics they have learnt to support their reading and writing.  They will also be sharing lots of different texts about Amazing Animals!  They will look at fiction and non-fiction texts and look at the characteristics of both types of books.  They will also be learning some poems and songs about animals and will be performing these in the class.