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Year 5

A warm welcome to Year 5 from

Mrs Brookfield, Miss Taylor & Miss Lander!

Our vehicle:


Throughout the autumn term we are staying close to home and looking at all things Uttoxeter. We have lots of exciting activities planned for the term including: Town tours to focus on the architecture and places of worship in our town, a workshop with the National Gallery and visiting our local museum and speaking to historians. We will also be testing our photography skills and using what we can see on our high streets to create artwork that will be shown in our own Y5 gallery at the end of the term.






Through our RE lessons this half term, we will exploring our gifts and talents through our unit on Creation. We will be considering the story of creation as a way of explaining that God is creator. We will be reflecting on our God-given gifts and talents and considering how we can live our lives in response to the teaching of Christ. Following this, the children will be moving on to study the Miracles & the Sacrament of the Sick where we will be exploring some of the miracles of Jesus and the work of the Church to heal and care for the sick in Christ's name.




Throughout the term, the children will be heeding the warning of the Cautionary poems of Hilaire Belloc and exploring the traditional tales of the Railway children. Using the texts, we will develop our writing skills by creating poetry, persuasive speeches, explanatory texts, news articles and narratives.   


Guided reading. 

We will be deepening our focus on the Railway children throughout our guided reading sessions and we will be using our comprehension strategies to infer, predict, retrieve, question, clarify, connect and summarise the text. 




In the Autumn term, Year 5 will be exploring Place Value further, studying numbers of values up to one million, Roman numerals, number sequences and negative numbers.  Year 5 will then move on to addition and subtraction of whole numbers of four digits, including learning how to estimate to check their answers and how to work calculations out mentally. Throughout their lessons, the children will apply what they have learnt to real life contexts and problem solving and reasoning questions.




We are zooming out a little in Geography this term and will be looking at the bigger picture on Earth... Biomes! By the end of the term, we will have developed our knowledge of what a Biome is, why it exists and will have explored the 6 main biomes on the planet, focusing in on the finer details and characteristics of each. 





We will zoom out even further during the first half of the Autumn term by focusing on Earth and Space. Our learning will include exploring the solar system in further detail including the nature of the planets and how the solar system is made up. We will be learning about the orbits of planets around the sun, and the orbit of the moon around the Earth. We will take an in depth look at day and night and the phases of the moon. Throughout this half term, the children will be creating their own enquiries and each lesson will be designed around a question including: Is it always day or night on Earth? Are all planets the same? Does the moon really change shape? 



Throughout the term, Year 5 will be delving into local history. The children will be enriching their knowledge of their town's architecture, heritage and significant figures. The lessons will grow from an enquiry question and a history mystery and will develop skills around chronology and exploring evidence and artefacts. 




Testing and developing their knowledge of electricity and circuits, the children will be researching, designing and creating their very own car alarm system. We will focus on more complex switches and will be creating a car model and alarm system that echoes the modern day systems of our own vehicles. Children will be developing their ability to work as a team as they will be grouping together to research, plan, design and create their own alarms. 



Art will be linked to our vehicle through our study of the Uttoxeter high street. We will be focusing in on the work of Lowry and his famous depictions of urban landscapes. The children will be researching the life and works of Lowry, evaluating his artwork, before moving on the planning, designing and creating their own pieces in this style. They will explore the streets and architecture of Uttoxeter, taking photographs which they will then use for their own work. The children will also enjoy a workshop from the National Gallery, looking at light and colour, before applying it to their own work. 



Year 5 will begin the term by recalling their numbers to 30, before moving on to counting up the 1000. The children will learn that not every number needs to be memorised and will use patterns in the language to help their understanding. Following this, we will be learning the Spanish names for the planets in our Solar System and describing them in further detail.




Year 5 will begin the Autumn term focusing on Lacrosse and Hockey. Not only will they be learning rules and techniques, they will continue to develop their sense of teamwork and sportsmanship.








Year 5 will have Maths and English homework weekly. 


Homework will either be set through worksheets in the homework book or via Century Tech. Homework will be set on a Friday and will be due in the following Thursday.



Children have 'mini maths' homework Mon-Thurs. These are short maths activities that allow the children to continually revisit maths concepts and calculations throughout the year. 


Children should read daily, with their reading diary signed.

Here is a great link if you are looking for book recommendations:


Century Tech: 

  • You can access Century Tech through this link: 
  • The children should have their username and password in their reading diaries. It should be: 

The first 3 letters of their first name, full stop, first 3 letters of their surname, day and month of birth e.g. 


If you are struggling to log on, do let me know. 


There may be additional homework set for RE or another foundation subject, this will be shared in advance with a separate due date if needed. 



Maths Game: Multiply by multiples of 10, 100 and 1000. 

Spellings (Year 5/6 and Year 3/4)