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Year 5

A warm welcome to Year 5 from

Mrs Brookfield, Miss Taylor & Miss Brian!

Our vehicle: Green Planet! 


This term, we are going to be thinking about our planet, how life grows and changes and how we can do our part to protect it.


We will be going on a trip to the Twycross Zoo (who are renowned for their conservation efforts in the wild). We will also be baking bread, but using only locally sourced ingredients and rearing caterpillars, triops and tomato plants to help life to grow in our local area.  






Through our RE lessons this half term, we will be exploring the Easter story, focusing in on what that story represents and how it demonstrates God’s power. We will be focussing in on the Easter Vigil and will be looking at the parts of this service, questioning why certain readings are chosen and why certain objects are symbolic. We will then move onto Pentecost, before the end of term.



English and Guided Reading.


Our first writing project is focussed on the famous playwright – William Shakespeare and his gruesome play… Macbeth! We will be reading the story throughout the half term and creating a retell through the eyes of Lady Macbeth. The text will also be used to support our Guided Reading sessions, picking apart complex vocabulary to aid our understanding.

We will then move onto persuasive writing through letters and will be pretending to be Lady Macbeth, imprisoned and persuading the judge that she is innocent!




The Summer term will continue with a focus on decimals and children will be learning to add, subtract, sequence and multiply decimal numbers up to three decimal places. Following this, we will move on to Geometry, where we will learn to use protractors to measure angles and draw our own lines and angles. The children will continue with their mini maths, reminding them of mathematical concepts that we have covered so far.

Our K.I.R.F. for this half term is recalling decimal number bonds to 1 whole and to 10.





We are looking at South America in Geography this term. We begin with understanding where South America is in the world and identifying its famous human and physical features. As we progress, we will identify where the countries of South America are and their flags and capital cities. The children will then zoom in on Brazil, comparing Brazil to the UK, we will also explore the Andes Mountain Range and look at daily life in Rio De Janeiro. We will then move on to Santiago, Chile, before looking at the trade links with South-East Brazil.





We are looking at Living things and their habitats for the first half term, children will explore the reproduction life processes of plants and animal groups. They will be testing their scientific skills by observing insects over the cause of the term alongside plant growth using their observation diaries. Science is linked to our vehicle as the children will be learning about the complex lives of our smallest, and largest creatures.  



Throughout the term, Year 5 will be delving into the past and will be exploring the lives and legacies of the Ancient Maya. They will explore what life was actually like for the Maya, why they were so strong, how we know so much and how the empire suddenly came to an end.






For the term, we will don our chef hats as we will be baking bread. We will begin by thinking about where bread actually comes from and how it arrives on our store shelves. We will think about how we can bake bread that is far better for the environment, completing research, taste tests before planning and designing our own loaf and packaging that is more sustainable.




For art this term, we will be amalgamating the famous artist – Jean Michel Basquiat and the Mexican festival of the Day of the Dead to plan, design and create our own sugar skulls. The children will be researching the artist and the festival, before moving on to look at design patterns using a similar colour palette. They will testing out their sewing skills before creating their final piece.









Year 5 will have Maths and English homework weekly. 


Homework will either be set through worksheets in the homework book or via Century Tech. Homework will be set on a Friday and will be due in the following Thursday.



Children have 'mini maths' homework Mon-Thurs. These are short maths activities that allow the children to continually revisit maths concepts and calculations throughout the year. 


Children should read daily, with their reading diary signed.

Here is a great link if you are looking for book recommendations:


Century Tech: 

  • You can access Century Tech through this link: 
  • The children should have their username and password in their reading diaries. It should be: 

The first 3 letters of their first name, full stop, first 3 letters of their surname, day and month of birth e.g. 


If you are struggling to log on, do let me know. 


There may be additional homework set for RE or another foundation subject, this will be shared in advance with a separate due date if needed. 



Half Term Homework Project!

Get Creative! 

Research and tell me about Ruth Benerito... without using paper!

You can create a sculpture or image, use cotton and sew, use paint on wood. It is entirely up to you! 

Happy Half Term! 

DT - We have created our prototype volcanoes, ready to present our product.

Science - We designed experiments to see which materials dissolved in water and if there was a difference with out fast. We recorded our results on Venn diagrams. 

Art - We have been learning about the artist Alberto Giacometti and have put this learning to good use by creating sculptures in his style!

DT - Testing our electrical circuits.

We have been completing some well being activities help to support our well being in school and at home. We have exercised, practised yoga, recognised our feelings on the feelings tree, created our own positive affirmation postcards and support balloons. Here are some photos of our week! 

Science - Our 'eggs'-periment in science!  We designed a package using what we know about properties of materials to protect an egg from breaking!

Maths Game: Multiply by multiples of 10, 100 and 1000. 

Spellings (Year 5/6 and Year 3/4)