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At St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, we want every child to be enthusiastic learners of Spanish and to be eager to achieve their very best in order to fulfil their God-given talents. We firmly believe that the recipe for success is high quality first-wave teaching in Spanish, which is central to the life of our happy, caring school.


We ensure that children receive an excellent education in Spanish the four core pillars of MFL teaching - Oracy, Literacy, Knowledge of Language and Intercultural Understanding - and that they leave our school with a good understanding of the Spanish language, country and culture, which is ready to be built upon once they reach high school. 


We largely use the resources and knowledge progression set out on Lightbulb Languages, however we adapt this to suit our pupils where needed. Please follow the link below for more details about Lightbulb Languages:





Year 6 leading a collective worship based on the Spanish Saint, 'Turibius of Mogrovejo', including leading the 'Glory be' in Spanish....

What children say about learning Spanish at St. Joseph’s:


“Mr. Bostock is great! He always makes our learning interesting by using lots of different games to help us remember the Spanish names for places in our town or the Spanish names for countries.”



“It’s great to learn a new language because then it’s like a secret code you have with someone!”



“I enjoy going home and telling my family what I’ve learned and my parents try to speak to me in Spanish too.”



“I like the Spanish songs we sing – they’re really funny.”



 “There’s always a collective, “YES!” from everyone when Mr. Bostock arrives for Spanish!”

St. Joseph's M.F.L. Curriculum Rationale:

What Children Will Learn - Yearly Breakdown:

MFL Key Stage 2 National Curriculum