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Year 6

Parents' Information Evening:


Year 6 parents' information evening will be at...


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Welcome to Year 6!

Mr Hodgson is the Year 6 teacher and Mrs English is the teaching assistant. 


Check this page throughout the year for photos of the class as they embark on their learning journey and for information about class events...




Robotics Club - STARTING SOON...


Please see below more information regarding our exciting Robotics Club and the First Lego League competition.


This club will involve designing, building and programming Lego robots, utilising advanced Maths, teamwork and problem solving skills and will take place on Wednesday afternoons, from 15:30 to 16:30. Our overall aim is to enter and compete in First Lego League competition, an international robotics competition for 9-16 year-olds .


General First Lego League information: 


2021/2022 First Lego League competition information:



Exciting Engineering!

This is an exciting year at St Joseph's... Our curriculum across the school is now being taught through exciting 'vehicles' - big projects for the children to aim for, which will provide excitement, structure and purpose to their learning.


Year Six's vehicle for Autumn term is...



This term, the children in Year 6 will be studying the fascinating world of engineering and inventing! Kicking the term off early with a trip to the Lego Robotics studios at Stafford and Newcastle Colleges, pupils will be encouraged to use their imagination and problem solving skills to succeed. The vehicle will build over the term, culminating in entering both the Leaders Award engineering competition ( and the international competition, the First Lego League, as well as giving pupils the opportunity to present their inventions during our very own "Dragons' Den Day"!


In our writing this half term, we will first be studying the classic poem The Highwayman, attempting to write our own alternative endings, before continuing the dark and mysterious theme by reading "Clockwork" by Phillip Pullman. This book, full of mystery and suspense, will have the children on the edge of their seats and inspires some amazing creative writing!




In Guided Reading we will be focusing on one of Mr. Hodgson's favourite books - Cogheart, by Peter Bunzl. Fitting in nicely with Clockwork and our inventions vehicle, the text is an excellent mix of drama and intrigue, as well as teaching the class how to infer the meaning of challenging new vocabulary. 




In the Autumn term, Year 6 will be focusing initially on Place Value, learning numbers up to ten million before moving on to mastering the core four operations in Maths - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  




In our Religious Education lessons, our children will looking into the Old Testament and analysing the various writing styles and classic stories in this section of The Bible. They will then move on to studying the lives of the disciples and the lessons we can learn from them. Mr. Hodgson will also be teaching separate sessions to prepare the children for their Confirmation.  

In History this term, we will be studying the Tudors and their effect on British history. Children will be taught to independently analyse sources and draw their own conclusions from given evidence, as well as continue to develop their understanding of chronology and causality. 



In Geography this term, the children will be learning about sustainability - an issue that is particularly topical currently. They will learn about the issues with using fossil to power our world, the effects of plastic waste and the possible solutions at our disposal which may yet save our planet. 



Our art lessons will be inspired by artists who focus on the human form and sculpture - particularly the sculptor Rodin and his work modelling human hands to convey emotion. The children will be challenged to create their own art work based on hands to represent a wide variety of feelings.



Year 6 will be studying electricity initially in their Science lessons, learning how it flows and how to create and draw their own circuits, using cells, bulbs, switches and resistors. They will then move on to a unit based on light, learning that it travels in straight lines and explaining how we are able to see. 



This term, the children in Year 6 will be focusing on invasion games, learning the rules, skills and tactics of basketball with ASM and football with Mr. Hodgson.




Each week homework is issued for pupils to complete. Homework will consist of 'Mini Maths' each day, Monday - Thursday, which will focus on improving children's arithmetic skills, fluency and accuracy. 


They will also receive additional homework every Friday, due in the next Wednesday, as well as weekly spellings. Reading daily is essential and our policy states that Y6 should be reading 20 minutes per night. Children's diaries are checked daily for evidence of this. If the evidence isn't there they spend some time reading during play times.


Occasionally there will be Science and R.E. homework set, as well as independent topic work or additional Maths homework on occasional weekends, depending on the topic and need.



Welcome to Year 6 PowerPoint...



After winning the county championships in the First Lego League (an engineering competition for 10-18 year olds) they then qualified for the national finals where they had to compete against 41 other county winners from across the UK and Ireland. 


Despite such odds, they absolutely smashed it and were deservedly awarded the 'Judges Award: Rising All-stars Award'. What an amazing achievement - we couldn't be more proud. Click HERE to watch the awards ceremony - skip to 1 hour 38 minutes to see their utter joy!