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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

Mr Hodgson is the Year 6 teacher and Miss Ward and Mrs English are the teaching assistants. 


Check this page throughout the year for photos of the class as they embark on their learning journey and for information about class events...




Year Six's amazing perspective art home projects...

Home Learning Resources:


Here are some websites which contain free resources to refresh, recap and practise the skills we have worked so hard to learning over the year:




10 Minute Tests books and CGP Grammar revision guides - you should all have these at home, so by all means, work your way through these. They are perfect SATS practise to keep your skills sharp!


BBC Bitesize has great guides to lots of Year 6 grammar, punctuation and maths problems, along with activities and games:


- Twinkl and ClassroomSecrets have publish extensive home learning packs for free for each year group, with tons of Reading, Maths and Grammar questions - you don't even need to log in to either site:





- White Rose Maths are publishing new 'Problems of the Day' every day - brilliant overall Maths practise, and I have saved the 2020 questions largely for home learning:


They are also creating home learning packs, which (apparently) will come with free online tutorial videos - keep an eye open for these:


- TTRockstars: Never hurts to practise your times tables!





- Read Theory logins were given to each child at the beginning of the year - these are mini online reading tests tailored to your child's level.


Grammar Ninja - one of my favourites that I was looking forward to showing you in person. Mad grammar quizzes with added 'Ninja' music - you'll love it:


In our writing this half term, we will be basing our work first on the mysterious and gripping short film 'Alma', focusing on building suspense and tension, as well as our use of figurative language. We will then move on to more formal styles of non-fiction writing, developing reports on the poverty and crime in the favelas of Rio de Janerio and presenting balanced arguments based on the global issue of deforestation.




In Guided Reading, we will be continuing the fantastic and challenging adventure story, Cogheart, by Peter Bunzl. Will Lily find her father again? What is the 'Cogheart'? Will the sinister Roach and Mould get their way?




In the Spring term, we will begin by studying decimals, learning how to multiply and divide by them, as well as comparing them to fractions. We will then move on to look in depth at percentages for the first time, finding percentages of amounts and finding equivalents to fractions and decimals, finally moving on to the world of algebra, where the children will learn that it isn't half as scary as it might seem!




In our Religious Education lessons, our children will looking into prayer in the lives of the followers of Christ, analysing traditional prayers, then moving on to writing their own. They will begin the preparation for Easter and holy week, looking into more depth at the events of Jesus' sacrifice.



This is an exciting year at St Joseph's... Our curriculum across the school is now being taught through exciting 'vehicles' - big projects for the children to aim for, which will provide excitement, structure and purpose to their learning.


Year Six's vehicle for this Spring term is...



The children will embark on the exciting journey of becoming news reporters, studying various areas of world history, news and a sporting event, then filming and editing their own reports, which will then be pieced together to create one fantastic class programme. They will study different aspects of television news reporting, as well as hearing from guest speakers who will visit the school to give them an insight into the world of journalism - a newspaper editor and radio presenter. Later in the term, Year 6 will also get the opportunity to experience a live sporting event at Stoke City Football stadium and becoming news reporters in real life!


We have plenty of work to do though, as the red carpet of premiere day approaches...

Each week homework is issued for pupils to complete. Homework will consist of 'Mini Maths' each day, Monday - Thursday, which will focus on improving children's arithmetic skills, fluency and accuracy. 


They will also receive English homework every Friday, due in the next Wednesday, as well as weekly spellings. Reading daily is essential and our policy states that Y6 should be reading 20 minutes per night. Children's diaries are checked daily for evidence of this. If the evidence isn't there they spend some time reading during play times.


Occasionally there will be Science and R.E. homework set, as well as independent topic work or additional Maths homework on occasional weekends, depending on the topic and need.