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Year 6

Hi my wonderful class!


Well done on another week of hard work - I don't say it enough really, but you're all working really well, so keep it up!


PLEASE NOTE - 'Dragon's Den Day' will be on Thursday next week, so have a think about how you're going to present your invention (feel free to make a model if you wish!)


Your homework for the weekend is as follows (very similar to last week):


1) Complete the next 10 minute reading test in your books.


2) There is also a second reading task which I've given you, Again, this is based on the beginnings of a couple of books to help you discover your new favourite read!


3) Maths homework is on CenturyTech. This time the work is all based on decimals, our next unit which we will be studying in class.


See you on Monday and have a good weekend. Remember to practise your spellings! Mr H.

Welcome to Year 6!

Mr Hodgson is the Year 6 teacher and Mrs English is the teaching assistant. 


Check this page throughout the year for photos of the class as they embark on their learning journey and for information about class events...




Robotics Club - First Lego League!


Please see below more information regarding our exciting Robotics Club and the First Lego League competition.


This club will involve designing, building and programming Lego robots, utilising advanced Maths, teamwork and problem solving skills and will take place on Wednesday afternoons, from 15:30 to 16:30. Our overall aim is to enter and compete in First Lego League competition, an international robotics competition for 9-16 year-olds .


General First Lego League information: 


2020/2021 First Lego League competition information:


Robotics Club Letter:

Welcome to Year 6 PowerPoint...


In our writing this half term, we will be basing our work first on the brilliant book 'Clockwork' by Phillip Pullman, full of dark suspense and mystery, focusing on building suspense and tension, as well as our use of figurative language. We will then move on to more formal styles of writing, including newspaper reports based on natural disasters.




In Guided Reading, we will be continuing the fantastic and challenging adventure story, Cogheart, by Peter Bunzl. Will Lily find her father again? What is the 'Cogheart'? Will the sinister Roach and Mould get their way?




In the Autumn term, we will begin by studying the basics of Place Value, comparing and ordering large numbers, rounding numbers and handling negative numbers. We will then be moving on to the all important four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Children will learn how to take their knowledge of these even deeper than before as well as learning how to calculate using 'long division' - not as scary as it seems!




In our Religious Education lessons, our children will looking into 'The Story Of The People Of God', where children will be given opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of the structure of the
Bible and the forms of literature that are found in the different books. The children will be introduced to stories of significant people in the Old Testament. They will discover what some of these stories tell us about their relationship with God.

In History this term, we are studying ancient non-European societies - namely ancient Baghdad (circa 900 AD) and the powerful and exciting kingdom of Benin (circa 900 AD). We will be comparing the two and studying their impact on our society, looking at the contribution they have made to the wider world and how they came to be two of the most powerful civilisations of their age. Linking in with our vehicle, we will also be investigating the groundbreaking innovations and engineering achievements they constructed, which were well beyond their time.



This is an exciting year at St Joseph's... Our curriculum across the school is now being taught through exciting 'vehicles' - big projects for the children to aim for, which will provide excitement, structure and purpose to their learning.


Year Six's vehicle for this Autumn term is...



The children will embark on the exciting journey of becoming engineers - a brilliant career. Children will first conduct research to determine what real world 'problem' they want to solve, after being inspired by our trip to the Lego Education Centre where they will be able to build and program their own robots. They will be able to interview a professional engineer to discover more about the profession, then will move on to writing pitches for their creations in preparation for our finale - 'Dragon's Den Day'... 

Each week homework is issued for pupils to complete. Homework will consist of 'Mini Maths' each day, Monday - Thursday, which will focus on improving children's arithmetic skills, fluency and accuracy. 


They will also receive additional homework every Friday, due in the next Wednesday, as well as weekly spellings. Reading daily is essential and our policy states that Y6 should be reading 20 minutes per night. Children's diaries are checked daily for evidence of this. If the evidence isn't there they spend some time reading during play times.


Occasionally there will be Science and R.E. homework set, as well as independent topic work or additional Maths homework on occasional weekends, depending on the topic and need.