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Year 1

smileyWelcome to Year 1!smiley

St Francis of Assisi class


A warm welcome to Year 1.  Mrs Barratt is your class teacher and Mrs Jones is your teaching assistant.  Check in here for photos of activities that we do throughout the year and for information about what we are learning each term.  








Home learning



Use the link below to access White Rose Maths Home Learning resources.  Week 2 lessons are available.  For each there is a video, an activity sheet and an answer sheet.  Complete one a day.  If you are able, print out the sheet, if not, record answers on paper or in a book - you could then take a photo and email it to me if you wish.


I have added some Maths challenges to go alongside this week's Maths learning.



Week 2


Reading - Go to where you will find some free e-books which can be searched for by Phonics Phase.  The Phonics Phase that your child is currently on is on a sticker on the front of the book.


As next week is Holy Week English and RE will be combined.


MondayWatch the video using this link:

Then go to Purple Mash 2do - He said, She said.  Draw a picture of someone who was in the crowd waving at Jesus and write the words that they said in the speech bubble.  As a challenge include how they are feeling and why.

*Why not make a  palm leaf of your own using some paper and role play the story at home - record it and add it to your Class Dojo Portfolio.



Week 1


Tuesday - There is a writing task on Purple Mash called Hansel and Gretel.

Wednesday - There is a writing task on Purple Mash called Write a letter to a character.  There is also a phonics activity putting missing letters into words.

Thursday - Purple Mash 2do - Write a Wanted poster for Goldilocks.

Friday- Purple Mash 2do - Write a letter of apology to the three bears as if you are Goldilocks.


I appreciate that some of this writing has done over more than one day for some children so do not worry if you have not done all 4 pieces by Friday.  I can see if they have been working on one piece over a few days and this is fine.  


Use these powerpoints to practise quick recognition of graphemes and tricky words from phases 3-5.  Set to play as a slideshow and it will play at the pace we use it in class.  The phonics Word document contains 4 days of phonics activities.


Create some spring art work.  Maybe you could mix some paint and paint a spring picture or you could make a spring collage.  Alternatively you could create a Spring picture using Purple Mash.  I look forward to seeing your Art work.


Over the course of the year we have looked at the seasons Autumn and Winter.  Now at the beginning of Spring I would like you to keep a weather chart or diary.  Each day, record the weather.  If you have a thermometer you could record the temperature or the direction of the wind if you have a wind vane.  Use the link below to find out how to make a rain gauge and record how much rain we have each week.


 If you go outside, record what you wore.  Take some photos or draw pictures of the signs of spring that you see around you.  What do the trees look like?  What flowers are in your garden?  What insects are you starting to see more of?. 

You could email these to me or record them using one of the publishing tools on Purple Mash.  I will also set up a ToDo on Purple Mash that will enable you to create a Pictogram of the different weather you record each day so that you can see what kind of weather is the most frequent.  (I emailed everyone their Purple Mash log in so you should all have my email address)


Below are some resources that might help you with this.  Below is a weather chart template that you can use or you can choose how to present it yourself.  I look forward to seeing what Spring is looking like at your house.

Home Learning Resources that you may find useful



This Spring term our Curriculum Vehicle is to create a historical Toy Museum for our family to come and visit and explore.  Please read below to find out what we are covering in all our subjects.



We will be listening to the parables and miracles of Jesus in our unit 'Jesus: teacher and healer' and thinking about how these stories can help us to become more like Jesus.  Then in the lead up to Easter we will be learning about the liturgical seasons of Lent and Holy Week.



We are currently reading the story 'Traction Man is Here'.  We will be using a lot of role play to help us develop our ideas and then writing diary entries and retelling a section of the story as a story in it's own entity.



We are starting off the term learning all about 2D and 3D shape.  We will then learn about numbers up to 20.  Later on in the term we will add and subtract with numbers up to 20 and do some measuring and weighing.



We will be learning about toys and how they were different in the past.  We are going to a special toy day at Cannock Museum in March.



We are learning about where our school is in the world so that we can let people know how to get to our Museum.  We will learn how to make a simple plan and use it to show someone how to get to different places in the school.



We are learning to name different materials and looking at their properties.  We will then look at the difference between animals and humans and link this to our vehicle and think about how animal toys are different to human toys.  As spring draws nearer we will look at how the seasons are changing again and continue to monitor the weather.



We are investigating colour and will use this knowledge to create a toy print in the style of Andy Warhol.


Design and Technology:

We are learning about fabric and how to join materials.  We will finish by making a fabric face.



We are learning how to give instructions to programmable toys such as BeeBots.



We are listening to music that will inspire us to think about the way different toys move.



                        A Kid's Guide to Uttoxeter

This year much of our curriculum is being taught through a 'vehicle'.  This is an end product that we are working towards making and all of our learning for the term is focused on working towards this.  


As the launch for our first vehicle, we went to Uttoxeter Racecourse Caravan and Motorhome Club Site.  The children thought that there might be sand there as their experience of caravan sites is mainly by the seaside and they did question what there was for children to do there.  We had a look around the site and in the information room found that there were leaflets and posters about some of the things to do in the local area.  The warden had also put up some colouring pictures that she gives to the children who come and visit.  


Over the term we are going to create a 'Kid's guide to Uttoxeter' which will inform visitors of place to go for children and also provide some activities for children to do while they are staying in Uttoxeter.  Keep visiting to find out where we are up to with this exciting project.


As this will require a few visits out to explore places ourselves, if you are available to be called upon to accompany us on a walk then please let me know as all help will be greatly appreciated.


Topics covered through this vehicle:


RE - Creation, Families and Celebrations, Prayer and Advent 

Geography - Our Local Area and mapping skills

Science - Senses - sights, sounds, tastes and smells of Uttoxeter.

                 The Seasons 

History - Places of important local History in Uttoxeter

D and T - design an ideal playground for the caravan site

Art - Colour mixing and painting

Computing - Creating programmes using BeeBots 

Music - playground games

Visiting Uttoxeter Racecourse Caravan and Motorhome Club Site

Visiting Uttoxeter Racecourse Caravan and Motorhome Club Site 1
Visiting Uttoxeter Racecourse Caravan and Motorhome Club Site 2
Visiting Uttoxeter Racecourse Caravan and Motorhome Club Site 3
Visiting Uttoxeter Racecourse Caravan and Motorhome Club Site 4
Visiting Uttoxeter Racecourse Caravan and Motorhome Club Site 5
Visiting Uttoxeter Racecourse Caravan and Motorhome Club Site 6
Visiting Uttoxeter Racecourse Caravan and Motorhome Club Site 7
Visiting Uttoxeter Racecourse Caravan and Motorhome Club Site 8
Visiting Uttoxeter Racecourse Caravan and Motorhome Club Site 9
Visiting Uttoxeter Racecourse Caravan and Motorhome Club Site 10

 Please make sure reading books are brought into school every day.  We will change reading books every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, children will need to put them in the box in the classroom if they want them to be changed.  We will check reading books every Friday to ensure children are reading regularly at home as per the school policy.


Spelling test results can be found on the half termly overview at the front of the book.

Finger Aerobics

Useful Websites.

This is a useful site to help with the sounds of graphemes.