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Year 1

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St Francis of Assisi class


A warm welcome to Year 1.  


Teachers - Mrs Burrows and Mrs Draycott

Teaching assistant - Mrs Jones

Well done to all of the children in Year 1 who have settled in brilliantly and we are so proud of how well they are doing with their learning so far.  





Our RE units this term are creation, families and celebrations and prayer. We will develop our appreciation for the world around them as part of God's creation. The children will develop their understanding of what it means to belong and celebrate as a family and how prayer is a special way of spending time with God. 



In the Autumn term, we start by recognising, representing and manipulating number up to 10. We use the part whole model to help write and compare number bonds. The children will then add and subtract numbers within 10. 



We will start this term by learning traditional poems. We will be focussing on writing sentences, using finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. We will be reading and writing simple letters based on the story Here comes Mr Postmouse.  We will then practise giving/receiving instructions and then writing our own instructions.  



In History, we are starting to think about things that have changed in living memory.  We are learning about how toys, food and shops have changed over the years. 



In Geography, we are learning about our school and where it is located.  We will be learning about maps and the physical and human features in our local area.




In Art, we are learning about the famous artist Henri Matisse and creating our own ‘painting with scissors’ cut out piece of artwork, in his style.  We will be also learning about Emma Bridgewater and making and decorating a piece of pottery in that style.



Design and Technology

In DT, we are learning about how simple mechanisms, sliders, levers and pivots work.  We will design and make our own moving Christmas cards.




 In Science we are studying Animals including Humans.  We are learning about ourselves, how we have changed over time, our body parts and our senses.  We will be also learning about which classification group different animals belong to.



In Music we will continue to learn about pulse, rhythm and pitch by learning a variety of songs and playing our glockenspiels.



For the Autumn PE lessons will be on a Thursday and Friday. On these days, the children need to come into school wearing their school PE kits. Wearing the school PE kits on these days saves changing time and allows the children to benefit from a longer PE session which is so beneficial to their physical and mental wellbeing.














 Please make sure reading books are brought into school every day.  Children will need to put them in the box in the classroom if they want them to be changed.  We will check reading books every Friday to ensure children are reading regularly at home as per the school policy.


Homework guidelines for Year 1


Maths Weekly

Spelling Weekly

English Weekly

Reading Daily

Other areas

(Half Termly)

Maths sheet or Online Maths task

(15 mins/week)

Given out Friday

Due in Wednesday

Spelling investigation

5-10 words

(15 mins/week)

Given out Friday

Test Thursday

Phonics sheet or Online activity

(15 mins/week)

Given out Friday

Due in Wednesday

10 minutes every day.

Reading books are changed, once the book has been read 2-3 times and the child is reading with fluency.


1hr 30 mins.


(Approx 15 mins/week).


Rule 1    Keep the learning positive and enjoyable.

Rule 2    Have a go!

Rule 3    Always try your best.

Rule 4    If there are big problems completing the homework, STOP and inform the teacher.

Finger Aerobics

Useful Websites.

This is a useful site to help with the sounds of graphemes.