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Autumn Term

Here is what we will be learning in the Autumn Term:



In RE this term we learn about characters such as Noah and Jonah in the Old Testament in our first unit.  Then we move onto the life of Mary and Jesus and the call of the disciples and hear about saints who have responded to the call of Jesus.  Finally, in the Advent unit, we focus on the preparation for Christmas through the story of John the Baptist.



We will start off the term by reading a story about an umbrella with magical powers. We will write a short story of our own based on this book. 

We will then be reading and performing classical poetry such as The Owl and the Pussy Cat and we will even have a go at writing some of our own.  Later on in the term we will be learning how to write a description of a setting and then will we explore the features of a non chronological report and have a go at writing our own. 



In Maths we will start off by recapping  our knowledge of numbers to 100, deepening our understanding of place value and the range of ways these numbers can be partitioned.  We will also be practicing counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and learning how to count in 3s.  We will then move onto adding and subtracting with numbers up to 100. We will also be learning about money, recognising the value of each coin, adding amounts and subtracting to give change. 



In Science we are learning about humans and animals and what they need to stay alive and how we change as we grow. We will learn about life cycles of a variety of different animals and explore the human life cycle. Later in the term we will learn about healthy eating. 

We will then move onto a unit about materials. We will be able to describe the properties of lots of different materials and explain what they are used for and give reasons why. 



In History we will be learning about the Stuart period of History. We will learn about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot and The Great Fire of London. Our learning will be enhanced by a visit to Ford Green Hall and hopefully the fire brigade will come and show us how fire fighting is very different now than in 1666. 



In Geography will be begin by learning about the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. We will learn about human and physical features of the UK capital cities. We will then move on to learning about the coast and exploring coastal life before comparing our locality with a seaside town. 



Our Art is based on the work of Vincent Van Gogh.  We will explore his works of art and experiment working in his style, working towards painting a self-portrait inspired by his works. This will be the focus of our vehicle - Perfect Portraits. The portraits that we create will be made into a calendar to be sold as Christmas gifts. 


Design and Technology

In Design and Technology we will be exploring mechanisms such as levers, linkages and pivots to create a moving monster. 

Later in the term we will be learning how to sew and creating a pouch. 



Our computing units are: Online Safety, Spreadsheets, Effective searching and Making Music. 



In Music we will be using our voices and instruments to explore pulse, rhythm and pitch and how they work together.  We will be developing our knowledge of the orchestra and experience playing together as an ensemble.  We will be considering how music can help us to make friends and asking how music teaches us about the past.



Fundamental movement skills, Invasion games - football, dance.