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Summer Term

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Summer term



Through our RE lessons this term, we will be exploring following the Liturgical year by studying Easter and Pentecost. We will grow our understanding and appreciation of Easter and the celebration of the Resurrection. After half term, we will learn about the work of the Apostles as well as Marriage and Holy Orders.  


English and Guided Reading


The teaching in English will be based upon a variety of text types, including narrative, discussion and visual texts  - all of which will be contextualised for the children, linking either to our vehicle, another curriculum area or book. 


We are  reading ‘A series of unfortunate events’ by Lemony Snicket as a part of our guided reading sessions as well as some reading test practise. During these sessions we continue to develop our reading skills such as inference, retrieval and making connections. We will be moving onto a new book throughout this half term ‘Oranges in No Man’s Land’ By Elizabeth Laird.


Our 'Reading for Pleasure' book this term will be the ‘The Last Bear’ by Hannah Gold.




This term will be focussing on decimals, linking our knowledge to fractions, percentages as well as multiplication and division. Following this, we will move on to geometry – angles and properties of shapes. The children will continue to have 'mini maths' homework, reminding them of mathematical concepts that we have covered so far, ensuring fluency. This is set every night Monday to Thursday.


Our K.I.R.F. (Key Instant Recall Fact) for this half term is knowing our decimal number bonds to 10.

For example 0.7 + 0.3 = 1

                   10 – 8.2 = 1.8





In geography this term we will be studying the continent of South America. As we progress, we will identify, describe and understand key aspects of physical and human geography before the children then turn their focus to the effects of tourism. We will also be investigating the landscapes of this varied continent.





In Science, we are investigating living things and their habitats, during which children will continue to use their scientific classify groups, explain life processes and present data using graphs.

We will also have our own class set of butterflies, which will allow the children to watch as they develop through their life cycle. 

Our final unit towards the end of summer term will be space. The children will become astroinomenrs and explore the world beyond our own! 




Throughout the term, Year 5 will be delving into the past and will be exploring the lives and legacies of the Ancient Mayans. We will be investigating why they were able to survive for so long but ultimately conquered by the Spanish. Throughout this term we will be using lots of different skills to evaluate and understand different sources of information.





During the summer term, the children are developing their textiles skills. The children will be using their knowledge of different equipment and work in a team to make their own design choice, resulting in completing a ‘Little inventors challenge’.




This term we will be learning about Exploring Key and Time Signatures, with a focus on ‘How Does Music Improve Our World?’.  We will use active listening to make connections and comparisons between own compositions and performances.





For Art this term, we will be studying the famous artist Jean-Michael Basquiat through the medium of watercolour. The children will initially research the artist to understand his most famous works, background as well as the historical context before making graffiti tag designs. 




For PE this term, we are focusing on athletics, rounders and cricket. Children will play a variety of games and develop skills. Mrs Burrows will help them to continue improving their fitness throughout this time. We will also be continuing to develop our fundamental skills.