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Autumn Term

Autumn Term 2022


Our Vehicle for this half term is

'Marvellous Me!'


Through this curriculum driver we will be learning about God's creation, our families and ourselves.  We will produce an Autumn Art Gallery to show off all of our creations about ourselves.








We will spend time getting to know each other and making friends.  We will look at what makes us special and unique, and we will celebrate the similarities and differences between ourselves and our friends.  We learn about our own emotions, our senses and our bodies, and how amazing we all are!  As we are all so special we need to make sure we can take care of ourselves, this will involve talking about healthy eating and physical exercise.


There are lots of books to read in our book corner about ourselves and our families, and we will make a special time to share these books with each other.  We will look at our houses and where we live, and we will have lots of opportunities to be creative, making models and drawing pictures of our families and friends. 



Here is a summary of all the other things we will be learning about in Reception over the next few weeks.



In our R.E. lessons we will be learning about the story of creation, drawing pictures and writing captions about the story.  We will also create our own prayers and learn about the Bible, which is God's book.  

We will will then learn about the celebrations Jesus had with his family and friends, and discuss who cares for us in our own families,



In English we will be listening and talking to each other about ourselves.  We will talk about what we like, what we don't like.  We will compare ourselves and our families and celebrate our differences, discussing what makes us all special and unique.  We will listen to lots of stories, some new and some old favourites.  We will practise recognising and writing our name, neatly.



In maths we will be learning all about the numbers 1-5.  We will be learning how to represent these numbers in different ways and how these number can be made.  We will be able to recognise these numbers in different contexts and become competent in the composition of these numbers.  We will also be able compare these numbers.


Understanding the World 

We will learn about family life and discuss the things we enjoy doing, including hobbies, celebrations, family customs and routines. We will compare our facial features and make observational drawings and measure ourselves.  We will look at pictures of when we were babies and consider how we have changed.  We will think about the likes and dislikes of the class, and discuss our similarities and differences.



Expressive Art and Design

We will create portraits of ourselves and our families using different media and techniques.  We will learn how to use different tools competently and safely.  We will enjoy and learn different songs and share music we like from home.  We will experiment with how to express ourselves using music, dance and song.