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Year 2

Teacher - Mrs Stanton

Teaching Assistant - Mrs English

Welcome to Year 2!


On this page, you will find the following:

  • Curriculum maps which outline what the children will be learning
  • Homework timetable
  • Photos and updates of things that we have been doing


If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us in school. We hope that you find this page useful.


Our Class Saint is St. Clare of Assisi


We have a very exciting term planned with lots of interesting learning experiences.

The Year 2 curriculum vehicle for this term is 'Story Sacks'. The children will design and make their own story sacks to be sold to a local Nursery.

We are starting to think about what we might include in our story sacks and have spent some time with Nursery and Reception children, finding out the types of activities they enjoy doing.



Much of our learning this year will be linked to our curriculum vehicle. Religious Education will be taught as a separate subject.

In RE, pupils will be exploring Old Testament stories, learning about images of God found in the Bible and how to write their own prayers.

They will also learn about the life of Mary and Jesus and the call of the disciples. After half term the RE unit will be Special Celebrations, leading into Advent in December.



In English we will be using the Traditional Tale The Three Little Pigs to describe characters and settings. We will read different versions of the story and write our own Traditional Tale. To link with our curriculum vehicle, children will be exploring Nursery Rhymes as a form of poetry and writing their own. We will be reading a range of modern versions of Traditional Tales, developing decoding and word building skills, reading for meaning, making simple predictions and learning how to infer answers from the text.


In Maths we start the term by learning about place value. The children will be encouraged to use a range of equipment to demonstrate their understanding of place value. Once children’s understanding is secure we move onto addition and subtraction of 2 digit numbers. The term ends by learning about money which will link with selling our completed story sacks.  


                                                                                                       History and Geography

History lessons will focus on key historical events that have been told over the years through Nursery rhymes and songs, and how communication has changed over the last 100 years, including the invention of the telephone.

Children in Year 2 have to develop mapping skills, so we will be walking from school to the library, creating a map of our route to help others find their way.


                                                                                    Art and Design/Design and Technology

In Design and Technology we have an exciting visitor from Pelham Puppets coming to present a puppet show and help the children to make a finger puppet each. Children will then design and make their own puppet using sewing skills, which will be included in their story sack. In Art and Design we will be exploring the work of famous illustrators, starting with E.H. Shepherd. Children will create their own cartoon illustration to match a Nursery Rhyme.



Finally, in music lessons the children will be learning to sing a range of Nursery rhymes, practising their performance skills. They will use tuned and untuned percussion instruments for accompaniment and will compose their own Nursery Rhyme.

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