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Welcome to Year 2!



This Autumn our vehicle is aimed towards creating a Christmas hamper to send home to our families.  This will contain a handmade Christmas decoration, a uniquely designed gingerbread man and a calendar of historic buildings in Uttoxeter.



In RE this term we learn about characters such as Noah and Jonah in the Old Testament in our first unit.  Then we move onto the life of Mary and Jesus and the call of the disciples and hear about saints who have responded to the call of Jesus.  Finally, in the Advent unit, we focus on the preparation for Christmas through the story of John the Baptist.




We settled back into life at school by reading the book Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers and used it to inspire a range of writing including a guide to earth and researching endangered animals and writing a fact file about them.  We are now reading Rabbit and Bear.  As well as developing our own story writing we will learn more about bears and rabbits and create some non-fiction texts of our own.



In Maths we have recapped our knowledge of numbers to 100, deepening our understanding of place value and the range of ways these numbers can be partitioned.  We have also been practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and have learnt how to count in 3s.  We will then move onto adding and subtracting with numbers up to 100.



In Science, we started off the term with some eggs and watched these hatch into chicks.  Since then, we have moved onto learning more about humans and animals and what they need to stay alive and how we change as we grow.  Later in the term we will learn about healthy eating and we will design and make a gingerbread man to go in our Christmas Hamper.



In History we have looked at buildings in Uttoxeter to identify the difference between modern and old buildings.  We recently went on a walk and discovered some of the amazing historic buildings that are in Uttoxeter and took some fabulous photos that we could include on our calendar.  We also visited the War Memorial and this will lead in to us learning about what we are remembering on Remembrance Day and the significant individual, Walter Tull.



Geography is about discovering our local area.  We will use our geographical skills to plan our route for our History walk around Uttoxeter using maps and we will examine aerial photos to help us recognise physical and human features in the local area.



Our Art is based on the work of L. S. Lowry.  We will explore his works of art and then use pencils and paint to experiment in drawing people and buildings in a similar style.  Finally we will create our own piece in the style of Lowry, using the photographs taken of the local area on our walk, as inspiration.



We will design and make our own Christmas decorations out of felt to go into our Christmas hamper.  This means we will be improving our cutting skills so we can cut felt and learning how to sew!














October Half Term Homework


Our class saint is St. Claire of Assisi, the helper of the poor.


Over half term can you find out about someone who is in a position of wealth or power and uses it to help the poor in our world today.  Bring it in on Monday as a poster or fact file.

Some of the photos of historic buildings that we found on our walk around Uttoxeter