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Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School



Staff 2020/21


Mrs Louise Sassi –  Principal



Year 6         Mr A Hodgson                 Vice Principal/Teacher

                   Mrs D English                  Teaching Assistant

Year 5         Mrs R Brookfield             Teacher

                   Miss J Taylor                  Teaching Assistant

Year 4         Mrs R Davis                     Teacher

                   Mrs C Lander                   Teaching Assistant SEN

                   Mrs P Jones                     Teaching Assistant 

Year 3         Mrs V Stanton                 Teacher

                   Mrs B Bostock                  Teaching Assistant

Year 2         Mrs J Barratt                  Teacher

                   Miss A Ward                    Teaching Assistant

Year 1         Mrs K Burrows                  Teacher Part time

                   Mrs O Draycott                Teacher Part time

                   Mrs J Jones                     Teaching Assistant

Reception    Mrs A Price                      Teacher


Office        Mrs D Wilks                     School Business Manager

                   Mrs L Hodge                    Administration Officer


Kitchen       Mrs M McHale           Catering Supervisor

                   Mrs S Clayton            Catering Assistant

                   Mrs E Jeffery           Catering Assistant


Lunchtime Supervisors

                   Mrs O Heathcock      Senior Supervisor

                   Mrs G Dutka              Lunchtime Supervisor

                   Mrs J Jones              Lunchtime Supervisor



                   Mr G Lancaster          Site Supervisor

                   Mrs V Parkes             Cleaning Staff   

                   Mrs E Jeffery           Cleaning Staff                                                             

                   Mrs I Knuth-Pszczola   Cleaning Staff