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Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.
Mrs Sassi, Principal

Mrs Haenelt, Vice Principal

and Y6 Teacher

Mrs English Learning Support Assistant


Mrs Brookfield, 

Y4 Teacher

Miss Taylor, 

Y6 Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Draycott,

Y4 Teacher


Miss Hollamby Year 5 Teacher

Miss Austin Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Stanton,

Y2 Teacher


Mrs Tavernor,

Y3 Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Barratt,

Y1 Teacher

Miss Ward, 

Y2 Learning Support Assistant


Mrs Burrows,


Mrs Draycott,


Mrs Jones,

Y1 Learning Support Assistant


Miss Parkes

Breakfast and After School Club 

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Duff,


Mrs Dutka,

Learning Support Assistant


Mrs Lowe, 

Nursery Assistant

Mrs Summer,

Breakfast and Afterschool Club Leader and Nursery Assistant

Mrs Buckley

Learning Support Assistant


St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School



Staff 2023/24


Mrs Louise Sassi –  Principal



Year 6         Mrs Haenelt                 Vice Principal/Teacher

                   Miss Taylor                   Learning Support Assistant

Year 5         Miss Hollamby                 Teacher

Year 4         Mrs R Brookfield             Teacher

                   Mrs Draycott                   Teacher                                                                                                                

                   Mrs D English                Learning Support Assistant

Year 3         Miss Austin                         Teacher

                   Mrs Buckley and Mrs Tavernor     Learning Support Assistants

Year 2         Mrs V Stanton                 Teacher

                   Miss A Ward                    Learning Support Assistant

                   Miss M Johnson Plant       Learning Support Assistant

                   Mrs Dutka and Miss Parkes  Learning Support Assistants

Year 1         Mrs Barratt                      Teacher

                   Mrs J Jones                     Teaching Assistant

Reception    Mrs A Price                      Teacher



Nursery      Mrs Duff                            Teacher

                   Mrs Lowe                            Nursery Assistant

                   Mrs Ralph                           Nursery Assistant

                   Mrs Sumner                        Nursery Assistant


Office        Mrs Anderson                   School Business Manager

                   Miss L Meeson                    Administration Officer


Kitchen       Mrs M McHale           Catering Supervisor

                   Mrs S Clayton            Catering Assistant

                   Mrs E Jeffery           Catering Assistant


Wraparound Care   

                    Mrs Sumner - Lead

                    Mrs Parkes

                    Mrs Dartnell

                    Mrs Lowe

                    Miss Johnson-Plant


Lunchtime Supervisors

                   Mrs O Heathcock      Senior Supervisor

                   Mrs Jones           

                   Mrs Dartnell            

                   Mrs Corriera              

                   Mrs Roach



                   Mr G Lancaster          Site Supervisor