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Spring Term

Spring Term Curriculum in Year 2:



Term starts with our learning about Christmas, building on our knowledge of the Christmas story from Year 1 and understanding the importance of the event.  Later in the term, we will learn about the Parables and Miracles of Jesus and then Special Celebrations such as Baptism and Marriage before we learn about the importance of forgiveness during Lent.



Recounts are our first text type and we will be reading Diary of a Wombat and writing our own diary entries with a grammar focus on tense.



We are starting the term with units on Multiplication and Division, recognising groups and how this relates to repeated addition and subtraction and the multiplication and division symbols.  We then move onto Statistics, creating and understanding tally charts, pictograms and block diagrams.  Later in the term we learn about Length and height, Properties of shapes and Fractions.



In Science we are learning about materials and their properties.  We will investigate the properties of a materials and think about why some objects are made out of a material because of its properties.



In Geography we are learning about the United Kingdom. We will learn about the countries that make up the UK, their flags, their capital cities and famous landmarks in those cities.  We will also learn about the mountain ranges in the UK and the seas that surround us.



History is all about explorers.  We begin with Ibn Battuta and his travels, then we find out about Captain Scott and his expedition to the South Pole and we finish off learning about Levison Wood, a famous, modern day explorer who went to Painsley!



In Art we are studying we famous British artist David Hockney.  We will work on our mark making skills, practising techniques such as cross hatching and stippling.  Our final outcome will be to create a landscape, canvas oil painting in the style of Hockney.


Design and Technology:

We will investigate bridges, their purpose and their design.  We will then experiment with techniques that will help us make our own bridges. We will design and create our own bridge.#



PE is dance this term and we will be creating a dance based on explorers.