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Year 4

Parents Information Evening 2016

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Welcome to Year 4!


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Think before you drink!

Over the last few weeks, year 4 have been investigating the damage that sugary drinks have on our teeth. 


We were fortunate enough to have Miss Deaville's mum and sister join us for the afternoon, as they are both dental professionals. We learnt lots about the importance of taking good care of your teeth and we predicted how many teaspoons of sugar we thought a range of different drinks contained. Were very surprised by the results!


After that, we decided to investigate the impact that sugar has on our teeth. 

Did you know the outside of the egg is made up much like the enamel of our teeth? The hard shell protects the soft egg on the inside, just like enamel protects teeth!


We used 5 eggs and immersed them into different liquids for 7 days. Here are the results...


Which drink will you choose next time you're feeling thirsty?

Think before you drink

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Over a week, the acid in the vinegar had broken down the shell of the egg. Regular consumption of sugary drinks will cause the protective enamel on our teeth to soften and become weak.