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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

part of the Painsley Catholic Academy

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Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School



Staff 2017/18


Mrs Louise Sassi –  Principal



Year 6         Mrs Rachel Davis            Assistant Principal

                   Mrs Diane English           Teaching Assistant

Year 5         Mrs Katie Burrows          Teacher

                   Mrs Louise Shaw             Teacher

                   Miss Jane Taylor             Teaching Assistant

Year 4         Miss Catherine Deaville   Teacher

                   Mrs Cathryn Lander        Teaching Assistant

Year 3         Mrs Joanna Barratt        Teacher

                   Mrs Penny Jones             Teaching Assistant

Year 2         Mrs Veronica Stanton     Teacher

                   Miss Alison Ward            Teaching Assistant

Year 1         Mrs Alison Price              Teacher

                   Mrs Olivia Draycott        Teaching Assistant

Reception    Mrs Ruth Lear                Teacher

                   Mrs Joanne Jones          Teaching Assistant

                   Mrs Nicola O’Toole          Teaching Assistant


                   Miss Dianne Heath          Part Time Teacher 1 to 1


Office         Mrs Debra Wilks            Office Support Manager

                   Mrs Lisa Hodge               Clerical Assistant – Finance






Kitchen        Mrs Cynthia Bailey          Catering Supervisor

                   Mrs Sarah Clayton           Catering Assistant

                   Mrs Emma Jeffery           Catering Assistant


Lunchtime Supervisors

                   Mrs Oonagh Heathcock    Senior Supervisor

                   Mrs Julieanne Parkes       Lunchtime Supervisor

                   Mrs Val Parkes                 Lunchtime Supervisor

                   Mrs Gerda Dutka              Lunchtime Supervisor

                   Mrs Lorna Burnett            Lunchtime Supervisor



                   Mr Kevin Hayes               Site Supervisor

                   Mrs Val Parkes               Cleaning Staff   

                   Mrs Emma Jeffery         Cleaning Staff                                                             

                   Mrs Iwona Knuth-Pszczola Cleaning Staff